2 Lenoir Co. Teachers Learn New Lessons at Chef and The Farmer

Chef and the Farmer KinstonExcerpt from recent article on WNCT.com

“KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) – Some teachers in North Carolina are spending their summer working at local businesses.

It’s all part of a program called “Teachers at Work,” letting educators learn new skills to teach students how to become successful in the workforce.

When you think of a teacher, you picture them in a classroom helping students learn, but not this week.

Two Lenoir County teachers spent 5 days and more than 40 hours at Chef and The Farmer in Kinston. The well-known restaurant is featured in a popular PBS show called A Chef’s Life.

“This generation of kids, they really don’t know the skills that are really needed,” said Sarah Neider.

The Woodington Middle School teachers prepped meals, answered phone calls, and booked reservations. Both say it was a lot of work.

“It’s not just one person,” said Neider. “There is a lot of different parts that all come together as one and make that one objective work.”

The teachers now will come up with lesson plans to share with students what they learned and how it can help them.

“Working with partners, working with teams and being able to talk to people,” said Neider. “I’m thinking about doing a science lab and experiment and collecting data and predictions and analyzing and making decisions on what we collect because that’s a lot what they do here.”

A number of other counties in the east also participated in the program.”