AT&T Education Initiatives Making an Impact


AT&T, in addition to being a valuable member for us here at NCBCE, are spearheading multiple programs that exemplify their commitment to education.

The first being their interactive website “Digital You”: The website is designed to be a resource hub where users can access workshops and information on how to utilize technology based on their characteristics. Whether you are senior, person with disabilities, job seeker, etc. the website provides personalized and organized information on how you can best utilize technology to benefit you.

The “AT&T Aspire” program is another education initiative that AT&T is using to build a better future. One thing the program does is the Aspire Mentoring Academy. Recognizing that growing up without an adult mentor is a big issue for many students, AT&T decided to find these students without mentors and pair them up with AT&T employees who provide them with lessons on life skills and academic support.

To read more about the mentoring program and see what else AT&T Aspire has to offer follow this link: