Distinguished Leadership in Practice  (DLP) is a year-long leadership development program for selected practicing school principals.  The program, provided by the N.C. Principals & Assistant Principals’ Association (NCPAPA) is a year-long initiative aligned to the performance evaluation standards adopted by the State Board of Education for North Carolina’s school leaders that are based upon data collected from North Carolina’s Teacher Working Conditions Survey, conducted by NCBCE.

The overwhelming results of the teacher’s survey showed that leadership is an essential component of strong schools.  Recognizing the importance of school leadership, NCBCE partnered with NCPAPA to enhance the professional development of practicing principals by developing the “Building a Collaborative Culture through Distributive Leadership” component.

  • Where you find a great school, you find a distinguished leader.

    NC Principals and Assistant Principals Association

TheNorth Carolina Business Committee for Education component is an executive round-table discussion designed to improve principal practice addressed primarily in two North Carolina Standards for School Executives—Cultural Leadership and Human Resource Leadership.  NCBCE members that participate, have the opportunity to potentially have an impact on the educational experience of thousands of students in their region.  The influence of NCBCE corporate leaders, not only has had a profound effect on the participating principals, but our members themselves.  The executive connection becomes a dynamic exchange between school and business leaders with lasting impressions.

By the end of the round table session, participants will:

  1. Experience corporate workplace cultures…the importance of culture to the bottom line is clarified  
  2. Understand the components of a high-performing culture, so that a framework for analysis is created
  3. Understand school culture “best practices”
  4. Understand how leaders influence culture

Business has to have a voice at the table with education in North Carolina. Are you ready to take your place?