Membership Value

The North Carolina Business Committee for Education is the leadership organization that connects businesses, educators, students and policy makers to support workforce development, ensuring North Carolina has a vibrant economy.

Business has to be at the table with Education in North Carolina.  The NC Business Committee for Education was established in 1983 for this reason.  We are the conduit that brings the business voice into education policy.  NCBCE is closely aligned with DPI and is the only non-profit with direct access to the classroom.  


NCBCE’s non-partisan structure affords the Governor a vehicle by which he can explore ideas and projects to advance public education in North Carolina without the undue burden to the taxpayers.   NCBCE’s 501-c-3 non-profit status allows the private sector to underwrite the Governors ideas and projects, as well as NCBCE’s member-driven education initiatives.


The North Carolina Business Committee for Education independent board of directors, made up of senior business leaders, carries the clout and autonomy necessary to properly advocate and support the Governor’s education initiatives balanced by the best interests of workforce demands.   The notion of an independent board of directors is beneficial to the Governor, policy advisors, lawmakers as well as the Department of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education.

NCBCE has become the business voice and trusted advisor that creates and identifies best practices in education that lead toward closing the workforce skills gaps and to meet North Carolina’s workforce demands.  Members benefit from being involved with our initiatives and having exposure to their future workforce and the opportunities for careers with their company.  Members also, are able to have insight and visibility into classroom curriculum and have a channel to potentially influence the education that fuels the workforce pipeline.

Regional Meetings

NCBCE holds quarterly meetings around North Carolina’s eight prosperity zones, alternating bi-annually.  These Regional Meetings are much like our Annual Meeting on a smaller scale, often co-hosted with the local Chamber of Commerce.  The Governor, State Superintendent, President of the State Board of Education or a keynote speaker of similar stature are the feature of the meeting.   Local elected officials, business leaders, education leaders as well as NCBCE members and Chamber members are invited.   These may be business breakfasts or luncheons.

State Education Conferences and Summits

Because NCBCE in an Education Non-Profit that resides in the Office of the Governor, our members are often invited to non-NCBCE education meetings.   Because our members are business leaders from across North Carolina, their input in education discussions and policy decisions addressing the state’s workforce skills-gaps and commerce pipeline are highly valued.



Business has to have a voice at the table with education in North Carolina. Are you ready to take your place?