The North Carolina Business Committee for Education’s Teachers@Work® initiative connects educators to businesses for an experiential learning opportunity about employable workforce skills that can be transferred to the classroom environment.


Launched in 2014, Teachers@Work is a teacher-externship model designed in partnership by NCBCE and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. The program provides educators from across the state with unique, hands-on learning experiences inside local businesses, non-profit organizations, and state entities. Through these experiences, educators gain a more robust understanding of the technical skills, behaviors, and mindsets students need to be successful in today’s professional environments. Teachers@Work has emerged as a gold standard in educator professional development, effectively breaking down barriers that traditionally separate classroom and career environments.

  • The Teachers@Work® program is an amazing program that allowed me the opportunity to learn the expectations and financial understanding of the “real world,” which will allow me to bring my experiences back into the classroom.

    Kim Cline - Davidson County School System

  • I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and spending time with Gerber Collision in Mooresville, NC. I observed each employee performing the duties of their job and gained an in depth understanding of both soft and hard skills. The main focus is on customer satisfaction with each employee meeting quality and productivity goals.

    Pam Orbison - Rowan/Salisbury School Systems

  • This experience is one of the highlights of my teaching career. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity. Everyone was so welcoming and willing to share. I would like to thank NCBCE for allowing me this opportunity. I look forward to sharing my experiences with my students in the classroom.

    Kim Cline - Davidson County School System

  • I had a lot of fun getting to know everybody and learning what goes at Mission. I didn’t realize how many non-clinical roles there were in healthcare and now I can help my students think more about the many opportunities there are for careers in healthcare.

    Austin Reece - Buncombe County School System

  • I have just completed my time with Caterpillar and I can’t express how much I enjoyed my time with them. Everyone who I came in contact with was very professional and answered every question I asked. Yesterday I worked with the fabricating factory manager, and two section managers. I was able to watch them take pre-cut metal and finish with a complete frame assembly for a Caterpillar skid-steer machine. I spent time with the section managers for the assembly lines watching how each station was manned by teams that completed their jobs on time without any complications. I was introduced to one of the manufacturing engineers, who are responsible for making sure that the assembly lines run as smooth as possible while making sure safety is not compromised. I also spent time with the factory nurse and the chef who runs the ‘canteen’. All in all this was an experience that I never expected and will not forget. Joy and the whole staff are to be commended for the way they handled showing me around while informing me as to how this manufacturing plant operates.

    Stephen Cox - Moore County School System

  • When Kentellia met with the MCNC accounting team, a few areas of educational opportunities to provide real world application were shared. Three individuals were identified as potential speakers for Kentellia at Orange High School if opportunities present themselves. Additionally, Kentellia’s visit coincided with MCNC’s year-end financial audit, so she was able to meet and hear about that aspect of normal business operations.

    Pat Moody - CFO of MCNC

  • Kentellia’s visit to MCNC was a valuable experience for MCNC’s team. We applaud NCBCE’s efforts to support NC’s teachers through the Teachers@Work® program and we feel privileged to participate in such a worthwhile initiative.

    Darleene Heath - Director, Communications & Community Engagement

  • This is a program that allows us to exchange ideas and dialogue. And for business leaders and educators to have that exchange is crucial…

    Nancy Lane - Senior Vice President of Business Development at CastleBranch

  • Mission Health participated in the NCBCE Teachers@ Work program this summer for the first time and the experience was amazing. Austin was able to engage with a wide variety of departments and learning experiences to support this professional development opportunity.

    Mission Health


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