How Apprenticeships Benefit Educators

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BUILDING BRIGHT FUTURES is a pre-apprentice-to-apprenticeship program in early childhood education that provides a supportive pathway for students to earn a degree, while gaining valuable hands-on experience through work-based learning opportunities. NCBCE is working with school districts, community colleges, child care providers, and other partners to develop and scale pilot pre-apprenticeship programs across the state.

Are your students interested in working in the early childhood education field, but need financial support and guidance? An early childhood pre-apprenticeship is for you! Whether they have work experience or classwork already, or are interested in starting their journey now, there is a pathway to educational and career success for them.

Pathway to Success

A pre-apprenticeship is the foundation for future work and educational instruction at the apprenticeship level. Pre-apprenticeship involves coursework, work-based learning hours in a child care center, and completing health and safety trainings.


Benefits to Students

A pre-apprenticeship with support from Building Bright Futures provides your students with financial, academic, and career support. Pre-apprentices can:

  • Earn high school credit, college credit, and industry-recognized credentials
  • Get work-based learning experience in a child care center, with opportunities for paid hours
  • Learn and grow their qualifications by taking part in free enrichment activities, such as guest speakers, field trips, and conferences
  • Receive personalized mentorship from experienced professionals in the early childhood field
  • Receive stipends for performance, completion, and transportation
  • Continue their education and career development after high school with an associate’s degree at no cost

Benefits to Educators

Building Bright Futures can also support you, the educator, as you guide your students through a pre-apprenticeship program:

  • Students who are dedicated and focused
  • Communication of shared experiences and resources with peers as part of a cohort
  • Financial support for:
    • Materials and supplies
    • Transportation costs
    • Professional development

Student Eligibility

  • Have an interest in early childhood education
  • Be signed up for, enrolled in, or have successfully completed FE11: Early Childhood Education I (high school class) or EDU 119: Intro to Early Childhood Education (community college class)

See it in Action!

See students in McDowell County as they sign-on and work in their early childhood pre-apprenticeship program. There is nothing like taking what you learn in the classroom, and making it come alive by working directly with children in a child care center!

Get Started

For more information about how Building Bright Futures can support you, please contact:

Morgan Ford
Program Director


Megan Johnson
Program Manager

Through apprenticeships in early childhood education, North Carolina is building a bright future
for our children, our educators and caregivers, and our workforce!