The North Carolina Business Committee for Education (NCBCE) works to make the critical connection between North Carolina Employers and the NC education systems through Work-Based Learning.

Work-based learning directly addresses North Carolina’s growing need for skilled workers by providing students and job seekers with opportunities to engage in career awareness, career exploration, and career experiences. These activities connect classroom learning with real-world learning ensuring North Carolinians are better prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

What We Do

Help to provide work-based learning opportunities for students
across North Carolina.

Through our many initiatives we help students gain knowledge and experience in various industries.

Help businesses and the NC school system engage
with their communities.

Students are often not aware of local job industries and businesses don’t know how to engage with local talent. When businesses and the school system work together, this bridge between the two is made, leading to more community awareness and engagement.

Help businesses to create a talent pipeline.

By engaging with local students, organizations can reach out to kids who have an interest in their industry and create a talent pipeline through apprenticeships and internships.

We Support

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Work-based learning provides relevancy to their curriculum and assists students in making informed decisions about their future path. NCBCE supports North Carolina's students by offering a variety of work-based learning opportunities from job shadowing to apprenticeships.


NCBCE helps grow North Carolina's talent pipeline by promoting and supporting work-based learning for employers, teachers, and students.


NCBCE supports professional development for North Carolina educators, as well as work-based learning.

Light Bulb Moment

Why is work-based learning important?

NC Careers holds valuable resources that can assist you in exploring careers, including detailed information on occupational ratings, job duties, education/ training, wages, employment outlook, and more.


What NCBCE members say about work-based learning

“When I needed advice, North Carolina Business Committee for Education was there to guide me through every step of the decision-making process. With their help, we managed to get back on track in no time.”

"Programs like Students@Work and Teachers@Work give us the opportunity to talk to students and their educators about the skills we need from our present and future workforce."

“We support NCBCE as the premier action-oriented, statewide organization where businesses can convene to address and support education regardless of size or location. Because the organization is sponsored by the Governor’s office, we can ensure that education priorities are supported at the highest levels of state government.”




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