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Governor Roy Cooper has announced North Carolina's integral role in the Siemens Foundation's EVeryone Charging Forward program, a forward-looking initiative that aligns with the state's commitment to a clean energy future. The North Carolina Business Committee for Education (NCBCE) is a key recipient of support, fostering accessible career pathways in EV manufacturing and charging.

Governor Cooper stated, "This funding ensures that all communities can pursue critical clean energy jobs across our state." This collaboration addresses the growing demand for skilled workers in the expanding EV charging sector, reflecting a nationwide surge toward clean energy. NCBCE, in partnership with Siemens Foundation, will develop comprehensive training programs and apprenticeships, particularly focusing on underserved communities. For more insights into this transformative initiative and its impact on clean energy and education, visit the Siemens Foundation's official website. This partnership exemplifies Governor Cooper's dedication to fostering a resilient, inclusive, and clean energy future for all North Carolinians.

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