Explore: Determine Fit and Readiness

Explore: Determine Fit and Readiness

Districts and/or schools in the Exploration Phase identify their implementation team and analyze different approaches and models for student help desk programs to determine the best fit. By answering the questions in each Exploration Step below, schools/districts create a proposal or “pitch document” while identifying resources, team members, and support needed to launch their Student Help Desk program.

Key Steps

Step 1: Identify the need for change

  • What is the value-add of a student worker program for your students/school/district?
  • For your school/district, how would your environment be enhanced by adding a student tech worker program? How might this program meet a critical need or solve an existing problem(s)?

Step 2: Learn about possible student help desk models and programs that may provide solutions

  • Examine the different models within this toolkit. What general structure fits your school/district needs best? Interns? Cooperative Learning? Student club?
  • What are lessons learned by other schools/districts and what does it take to be effective?

Step 3: Develop a core team to support the work as it progresses through the implementation stages

  • Identify key staff who will guide the work through implementation. Leaders typically involved in help desk implementation at the school and district can include (but are not limited to): Technology Services staff (director, specialists), instructional technology coaches, school administrators (principal, AP), media specialists/librarian, teachers, students

Step 4: Identify and grow stakeholders and champions for your Help Desk program

  • What community connections do you have and/or need to make that could support a student tech worker program?
  • What school connections do you have and/or could be made to support a student program?

Step 5: Assess and Create readiness for change

  • Meet with and discuss the need for student help in your district with stakeholders. Identify interested students and teachers who would participate in and/or benefit from a help desk.

Step 6: Decide whether to proceed and identify a proposed timeline

Helpful Articles and Resources

- see “Building the Foundation” and “Logistics” for tips related to Exploration Phase