Tech Team – NC Student Connect is a comprehensive framework and toolkit for North Carolina schools and districts to access resources for starting, implementing, and scaling a student technology support desk. It’s development was realized by the North Carolina Business Committee on Education (NCBCE), an organization that fosters the critical connection between NC Employers and education systems through work-based learning.

Get Started

If your school or district is considering implementing a student tech team help desk in North Carolina, you are in the right place! First you will need to determine your entry point. Here you will find different phases of implementing and scaling a student tech team and help desk. Just beginning your journey? → Head to Explore! Already have a student tech team you are hoping to expand and enhance? → You may be interested in integrating new learning pathways found in Installation, evaluating your existing program in Implementation, or better understand how to link your program to NC businesses in Scale.

This framework will provide resources and steps at each phase such that schools and districts can begin from the ground up, improve on what they have already built, or scale the program to reach more teachers and students.

Explore: Determine Fit and Readiness

Student with VR goggles.
  • Define need for change
  • Identify possible solutions
  • Grow stakeholders and champions
  • Identify and develop implementation team

Install: Design Goals and Service Model

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  • Identify Goals
  • Define Service Model
  • Explore Student Learning Outcomes
  • Teacher and Student Recruitment

Develop: Work-Based Learning Experiences

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  • Student Learning Pathways
  • Determine Program Structure and Staffing

Implement and Refine

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  • Build Strategy and Measure Impact
  • Timeline and Planning Template

Scale: Tech Team Community

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  • Grow Community within the Tech Team
  • Engage with NC Tech and Business Community
  • Build your Tech Team’s Social Network